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"Education Wall" Membership Subscriptions: 

When you invest a modest fee  you are subscribing as a member to receive access to speeches/material behind the Education Wall.  The wall disallows trolls and non-educational type folks to see your speeches or those of your peers.  Know that your access to our speech videos and tools will be available 99.98% of the time.  Our site is built on responsive technology so that you can access speech content on your laptop, tablet or smart phone. (Note:  Ipad and Iphone users are supported as are Droid devices.)  Please also note that when your subscription runs out, you will still have access to your uploaded content, though education wall-protected content won't be visible to you.  This means that you will still have the ability to delete your content as a free member of the site later, even though you can no longer "see" behind the education wall.


Our Pledge: memberships are handled through and believes in the the importance of speech education to enhance future leaders and educators through presentational preparedness, critical thinking & research.  We may choose to gift a portion of our membership fees to speech organizations from time to time.


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