Debnil Sur – Second Speaker 2012 NFL USX – How should the US respond to Russian arms shipments to Syria? – 4th Place

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2012 NFL National Tournament: United States Extemp Final Round Analysis
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Speaker 2 (124 – Debnil Sur)

Question: How should the US respond to Russian arms shipments to Syria?
Answer: Three fold

AGD: Roosevelt’s Big Stick Quotation

I. Naval Blockade

FP 6/1 – blockade would hurt arms shipments
CSM 4/30 – must make threat effective, so work with UN Security Council
FP 6/1 – not necessarily true that you have to work with Security Council, but allies within the Arab League (JFK alliance with OAS is historical example)

II. Actively Support Opposition

FP 6/1 – Extension of aid to violent groups is possible and Secretary Clinton is interested
AJ 4/28 – Russian economic interests would be damaged via this aid, especially its energy interests

III. Negotiate with Iran

CSM 4/30 – Primary gap in diplomatic peace is Iran
FP 6/1 – One of the largest reasons for this is Iran’s nuclear activity, but bringing them to the table would impress the Russians
FP 6/1 – Iran important for Syria and the Russians
CSM 6/14 – eventual peace possible with this step

Time of Speech: 6:40

Summary: The speaker’s gesture movements are a little slow and he looks stiff at the beginning of the speech. I’m not a fan of the answer strategy, since I prefer picking one solution and three reasons why it would work. The problem with this strategy is that it is tough to give an overview of any of the three points in less than two minutes and make it convincing. For example, I’d love to hear more about these Syrian opposition groups the speaker discusses in the second point, but there’s not enough time to go in-depth about them! There’s a lot of reliance on Foreign Policy magazine and one article from it in this speech. The speaker is very clear and has great enunciation, but isn’t very enthusiastic about getting their message across and personality is huge on a final round stage at NFL. The speaker maintains their composure during CX, but I would have liked them to use their speech more to defend their arguments.




2ND -Madhu Vijay - Bellarmine College Prep (Coach:  Bill Healy)
1ST -William McDonald - Brophy College Prep (Coach:  Steven Ebsensberger)
4TH  -Debnil Sur - Bellarmine College Prep (Coach:  Deidre Sullivan)
3RD -Richard Clark - Cardinal Mooney High School (Coach:  Jen Gonda & Karen Wright)
6TH - Chase Harrison - Millburn High School (Coach:  Michael Paul)
5TH - Alex Wasdahl - Jackson High School (Coach:  Carley Anne Barnes)


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